Rashmi Kapoor

Matchmaking Entrepreneur, Based in Bangalore

Rush2me was started with a novel concept to brings together people interested in finding a spouse with the criteria of horoscope, emotional, intellectual and lifestyle compatibility rather than caste, community or language. Rush2me is an offline service with a personalized approach (we are not a portal).

Started as a favor between friends, it has grown by word-of mouth and personal recommendation into a professional service for a niche clientele.
Rush2me clients are educated, well settled professionally, broad-minded, has traveled (or wants to travel), enjoys a wide range of hobbies/interests – and has a certain zest for life, living, and love.

There are of course many matrimonial matchmaking services today, but most of them are based on the user having to do the searching based on a few criteria – a query-driven search model. Rush2me is totally different – for one, we do not offer online matchmaking at all. Secondly, we are very personalized and place a lot of emphasis on meeting – or at least talking – directly with the clients as we believe that an application form is just a starting point and not everyone expresses themselves easily on paper.


Nitin & Olivia

It is not easy to find an ideal person for marriage but Rush2me make it easy for me. Here I found my soul mate. Thank you Rush2me.


Johny & Rosy

Rush2me matched our profile. We liked each other and eventually we fall in love. Now we are life partner  and from there on rest is happiness forever.

Mark & Julia

We are very thankful to Rush2me because without you we can not find each other. We expressed our interest and found that we liked each other. Finally we get married.

John & Desy

We met through Rush2me. Now we spend our married life happily. We gladly recommend Rush2me. It’s a very reliable and a perfect match maker.

Harry & Suzan

I found my soulmate on Rush2me. We started our mutual interest and felt a connection between us. Then we decided walk together for the rest of our life.

David & Maria

We mate on Rush2me. We shared 2 years of togetherness and we are very happy. We stood by each other for the rest of our life. Thanks Rush2me.